Durian Tourism in Malaysia

Enthusiasts of Malaysian durians come visit Malaysia during the fruiting season of July to August and November to December every year. A Famous Hongkong Tycoon send his private jet to pick up the fruit for his favorite wife, who loves the fruit and desire them every year. Taiwanese ladies come every yar and stay in Malaysia for 2 weeks to eat to their hearts’ content.

A Durian Feast

You may be in Beautiful Malaysia when the durian is in season and get invited to a durian feast which is very popular among Malaysians. Many Malaysians have their own small orchards and they share the fruits of their harvest with friends. Companies order durians from good farms and have a durian party among their employees, or in Malay call Kenduri Durian.

If you are fortunate to attend a feast of durians, do not gorge on the fruits; try to taste a small amount from different fruits to appreciate the goodness of nature. When eating durian, it is best to drink room temperature distilled water, this way, you can have the strong fragrant durian taste linger on; you are simply wasting this good experience if you try to drink a strong drink following eating durian.

In Penang, Asia Explorers organized Durian Feasts since 2004. If you are visiting the country during this time, and want to enjoy the festivities; join this small group tour to a selected orchard in Penang. A good tasting feast will consist of a number of different fruits; and each one is make known to you while you start. You have a durian buffet in front of you, and then you can begin to taste each fruit.

The following are our selected sites that we recommend for their superior fruit and good service:

1. Durian Tourism resources, PENANG DURIAN

2. Penang, Balik Pulau, BAO SHENG DURIAN FARM (349429-A)-宝盛园

3. Raub, Pahang, Raub Durian Orchard.

Durian feast photo credit to http://www.enjoycelife.com/2010/08/06/durian-season-is-back-2-durian-feast/

Anyone interested to hold a durian party may contact Stephanie Foong of Inas Juara Sdn Bhdto get the best fruits from Raub.                  Tel 6016 669 8954


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